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The WideRace visor is a complete racing visor with unique features for competition at the highest level.

• Flat visor fitted with tear-off
• Thickness: 2,8mm
• Double visor anti-fog “100% Max Vision” Pinlock® with widened peripheral vision
• White reflector (+ 1 red in the box)
• MotoGP type fixation (screwed into the helmet)
• Race Lock in the center of the visor
• Vent Lock: very thin gap for internal ventilation
• Rain lip (Water deflector, waterproof membrane to protect the pilot during extreme rainy race conditions)
• Available in two versions: clear and tinted 80%
• Adaptable on all fibre models: Kite, Falcon, Osprey, Kestrel
• Rain lip to protect form the in extreme rainy race conditions