The 7 Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets With Pros & Cons

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Motorbike accident risks have never decreased in the past decades (worse, they even seem to increase tenfold), which is why equipping yourself with high-quality headwear is highly recommended. Nevertheless, please do not assume that there are only one or two types of helmets; many different motorcycle helmet types have been introduced to the marketplace thus … Read more

How to Use A Helmet Lock on A Motorcycle with 5 Methods

how to use a helmet lock on a motorcycle

Most average helmets are cheap, giving people a false sense of security that thieves will never attempt to steal them away. Well, how wrong that assumption is!  Helmet thefts have become more widespread in recent months, partly due to the criminals’ improved skills and partly because of the riders’ own carelessness. Time to wake up; … Read more

What Is A Pinlock On A Helmet? Meaning Explained

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A helmet is an indispensable accessory for anyone who loves to ride a motorcycle. It is not only related to obeying traffic rules but also protects your safety, especially the head. Any part of this gear needs attention and careful selection, even the Pinlock. How does it work, and what is the correct way to … Read more

What Is A MIPS Helmet? Meaning & Technology

MIPS on Helmet

With the explosion of technology and its impacts on vehicles, numerous devices, like MIPS, are created to secure users’ safety and reduce associated risks. Many have wondered: Should I get a MIPS helmet? The answer is yes, but why? Figure out the reasons in the following sections. What Is MIPS Bike Helmet? Its longer name … Read more

How Long Do Motorcycle Helmets Last?

How Long Do Rechargeable Batteries Last? A Complete Guide - 1

Although the outer helmet shells are still quite new and only slightly scratched, their resistance to impact has decreased. So, how often should you replace a motorcycle helmet? Refer to the article below to get the answer for yourself. How Long Are Motorcycle Helmets Good For? In each country, wearing a helmet when operating a … Read more