What Is A Pit Bike? Pit Bike Motorcycle Definition & Cost

what is a pit bike

Motocross and dirt motorbikes are so popular there’s no need for further introduction. But do you know that there is another much cheaper and more lightweight version called “pit bikes”? People often confuse them with dirt/MX bicycles, but many defining features set them apart from other bike types. This article will gladly debunk common misconceptions … Read more

How to Clean A Motorcycle Carburetor Without Removing It?

clean a carburetor without removing it

A motorcycle carburetor helps sustain and control the air-fuel mixture, ensuring your car can run smoothly without encountering gas tank or engine issues.  Thus, keeping these carburetors clean and intact is important. Most people often resort to removing the carburetors for cleaning – a method that poses many installing/uninstalling troubles. You can trust our expert … Read more

What Size Dirt Bike Do You Need? Dirt Bike CC Chart

what size dirt bike do i need

Unlike with other motorcycles, choosing dirt bikes is a more headache-inducing dilemma due to their complex structures and niche usage (not suited to common streets and roads).  Hence, paying close attention to their sizes and frames is all the more necessary. Trust us; you will not want to stick with a substandard, ill-fitted dirt bike … Read more

What Is A Liter Bike? Liter Motorcycle Meaning

what is a liter bike

There are thousands of bike models to ponder, but liter motorcycles are a special case. Experts and professionals have warned against using them – the reasons, for many people, are still a mystery.  This article intends to clear up confusion for you by addressing all relevant questions regarding these vehicles. What is a liter bike? … Read more

What Is A Bobber Motorcycle – Bobber vs Chopper

what is a bobber motorcycle

Max torque, power delivery, and top-notch performance. Any motorbike enthusiast would look for these traits in a bike. But most, if not all, street beasts now sacrifice their weight for speed.  And here’s where bikes like bobbers enter the scene, shedding off all “unnecessary” bells and whistles for faster paces. The question is: what makes … Read more

The 9 Different Types of Motorcycles With Pictures

types of motorcycles

Consider external factors when riding like terrains, driving purposes, and budgets, too – and you will understand why the marketplace introduces so many bike types. So how many kinds of motorcycles are there, then? Can we single out one suitable option among so many? This article will guide you through these issues, exploring the different … Read more