Honda Grom Top Speed 2023: How Fast Does It Go?

No further introduction is needed regarding the Honda brand – a known giant in the cycle world – but have you ever heard of its Grom lines? These motorcycles’ pocket sizes and convenient designs make them extremely popular among youngsters (both males and females) these days. 

Nevertheless, first-timers still have many questions about them, especially the 2023 Honda Grom maximum speed. These guidelines will gladly debunk that mystery for you.

How Fast Does The Honda Grom Go?

For the latest model year of the Honda Grom (2023), the claimed top speed is 59 mph, but some riders reported that they can rev up to 73 mph, tops.

In fact, no specific number has been confirmed in practice regarding Honda Grom’s highest speed during its revolution. Many enthusiasts shared that different previous models produce different rates, and this table has summed up what we have got so far: 

YearOfficial Top Speeds (claimed by Honda)Highest Speculated Top SpeedsHighest Speculated Modded Top Speeds
2022~ 59 mph~ 73 mphN/A
2020~ 54 mph~ 62 mphN/A
2016~ 56 mph~ 62 mph~ 78 mph
2014~ 55 mph~ 65 mph~ 72 mph

Huge Factors That Affect Honda Grom Speed

a. Grade

Honda Grom tends to yield the greatest speeds when cycling downhill. On the other hand, climbing uphill limits your maximum velocity, as the grades severely drop below 45 mph. 

b. Weight

Similar motors but with different total loads (including the rider weight) can result in different speed rates. 

According to the brand, Honda Grom’s official weight limitation is 140 kg or 309 lbs. The more you approach this benchmark, the slower your bike will become; the root causes might either be your body size or the inclusion of extra luggage/passenger. 

So how to solve this headache? Many heavier riders decide to remove the excess weight by modifying their bikes. They will detach certain bike parts or substitute them with lighter alternatives (ex: cut off the seat height) – which, in our opinion, is a terrific idea!

One note, though: remember the substituted parts are high-quality and legal. Also, do not remove critical safety elements in the bike, or accidents will come to find you on the road. 

c. Specs and Mods

External factors are not the only things that matter. The Grom’s specs and parts bring huge differences in the potential top speed riders can reach.

Such compartments include:

  • Air intake
  • Oil spinner
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Larger fuel tank injectors
  • Single piston caliper
  • Rear shocks and rear suspension

Your failure to keep them in top condition will inevitably decrease their performance. And for better efficacy, purchasing premium after-market features is also highly recommended.

d. Your Riding Skills

How you control the bike directly impacts its traveling speed. For instance, quick gear alterations, strong braking techniques, and expert handlebar controls will improve your velocities on open streets. Riders must also be equipped for emergencies (ex: caught between different vehicles or pulled out of the bike).

Are you unsure how to ride your Honda effectively and safely? Then we suggest consulting professional instructors, whose training can lend further insight into Honda Grom’s inner workings and help boost your skill as a result. 

Another option is online safety classes, which teach all the necessary riding skills.

e. The Riding Terrains

It would be a mistake to skip over the riding terrain, which poses numerous factors that may boost or slow down your bike, such as:

  • Surface texture
  • The landscape’s scope
  • Weather conditions (ex: snow, rain, strong winds, etc.)
  • Compatibility with your fitness levels

An easy example is steep, long hills versus flat grounds. Needless to say, you will travel on the latter much more seamlessly. 

Tips to Make Your Honda Grom Faster

Make Your Honda Grom Faster

1. Reduce The Overall Weight

Here’s a rule of thumb: lighter groms and motorcycles equate to a better speed. Though you need to sacrifice some performance criteria, reducing the bike’s weight is a good way to go if you want to travel faster.

One common (and cheap) solution is to replace lead-acid batteries with lithium-ion ones. The latter options are super light, which improves the motorbike’s handling, braking, fuel economy rating, and acceleration.

See more: How Much Does A Motorcycle Weigh?

2. Replace The Fork Oil

Actually, refreshing fork oil is always included in every regular maintenance process. Yet, for those who wish to increase the motorbike’s speed, refueling your Honda Grom with denser oil only renders its 125cc engine mods more rigid and inflexible. 

Hence, your best bet is to substitute the old fork with thinner fluids, which flow faster and lead to a springier, quicker single shock response in the rear tires. 

3. Upgrade The Brakes

Standard Honda Grom components are decent – but by no means able to help you reach your perk speed. After tuning, professionals recommend upgrading these original braking systems with higher-performance aftermarket products. 

Is brake replacement too expensive for you? Then here’s a lower-cost option: install a steel hose kit. 

Unlike their rubber counterparts, steel braided kits never expand at high temperatures, which keeps the braking consistent and responds well to the system control. Your bike will enjoy much better fuel capacity and go incredibly faster!


Are Honda Groms Great For Beginners?

Yes, thanks to their simple design and small sizes. Novices (especially shorter riders) can control the basics better with them. Otherwise, they will likely struggle with larger bikes.

Do I Need Helmets to Ride Honda Groms?

Yes, especially if you are under the legal riding age (for instance, in Florida, anyone below 21 must wear a helmet).

Are Honda Groms Automatic?

Apparently, no. The rider must use clutches to shift the bike manually. 


All relevant information about the Honda Grom max speed has been revealed in this well-researched article. We also provide a slew of practical tips to increase the motorbike’s speed and performance over time, which even novices can adopt!

For more support, please write to us as always.

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