Can You Buy A Motorcycle Without A License?

When you reach the legal driving age, it’s time to go to a trusted auto shop to purchase a gorgeous, cool-looking motorbike! Nevertheless, it’s important to note that many youngsters haven’t gotten a permit/motorcycle license by then. Or what if you are under the required driving age? 

Here comes the most critical question: Can I buy a motorcycle without a license?

This article will delve further into this issue by discussing every relevant aspect. Other tips regarding motorbike purchases will also be well covered. 

Do You Need A License to Buy A Motorcycle?

Fortunately, we have some good news: you don’t need to earn a license before purchasing any motorbike model. No regulations or laws have specified that so far, meaning anyone can bring home as many motorbikes as they prefer without worrying about rule violations. 

Some people even buy motorcycles as a gift/present for their loved ones without any intention of using these vehicles themselves. Such a case is an everyday norm, and no one has encountered troubles under those circumstances. 

Still, despite no license requirements, you should pay attention to certain demands regarding motorbike purchases. Whether you are contacting a private seller or dealership, bringing enough cash to pay for the motorbike is a must. 

Also, dealerships sometimes ask for certain documents from you, such as regular driver’s licenses or photo I.D.s. Only then can they verify the buyers’ identities, who eventually become the bike’s new owners. 

But even those scenarios are rare: frankly, these sellers only have their eyes on your money. No law or jurisdiction says they have to confirm anything from you; you could even purchase a motorbike as a decoration item for your garage, for goodness’ sake!

But when it comes to actually using these bikes on the street, it’s another story: riding them without motorbike licenses is ILLEGAL. Even regular driver’s licenses are not enough to operate any vehicle, and you might have to pay quite a hefty fine when pulling it on the road without permits/licenses. 

Worse, if motorcycle accidents occur, brace yourself for huge risks of lawsuits! 

So when you truly wish to purchase a bike, we strongly suggest you figure out how to bring these motorcycles home beforehand. (we will return to this issue later). 

Can I Purchase Motorbikes Via Loan With No Motorbike Licenses?

Similarly, purchasing motorbikes via loans with no bike licenses should not pose any difficulties. Most banks only require regular driver’s licenses – not motorbike licenses – so you can stay rest assured. 

Still, keep in mind these notes:

1. People getting loans must be 18 years old at least (only by that age can they have regular driver’s licenses, after all). If you are below 18, cross this option out of your list. 

2. Many banks ask for bike insurance to complete the purchase transaction. They need to confirm that this investment is well-protected and you (the customer) take full responsibility for the product you purchase. 

How about getting loans through the dealerships you buy the bike from? The same sentiment still applies: dealerships only care about your purchase eligibility money-wise. Otherwise, there’s nothing they are concerned about. 

Can I Buy Motorbike Insurance With No Motorbike License?

Motorbike Insurance

Though a bit difficult, that’s still a possibility. There are many cases where insurance is required on the bike even when its owners have no licenses. Here are several examples: 

  • You own a vintage motorbike that you rarely ride.
  • Your license is suspended.
  • You purchase the bike to give it to other people later.
  • You buy the bike before having a license. 

But again, we must remind you that the process can be tricky. Insurance companies rely on your driving records to assess acceptable rates, after all. Not to mention, finding a company that’s ready to accept policyholders with no license can also be a challenge.

The best bet is to consult your insurance representative, who can answer whether these companies are willing to offer coverage. Some might ask you to hand in a state-issued I.D. to receive insurance, so prepare for that, too. 

How to Transport Your Bike Home After Buying It Without Licenses 

Investigate Delivery Option

Do you buy motorcycles from professional dealerships? Chances are they also provide delivery services within certain ranges – with or without additional fees. 

Take Craiglist dealerships, for instance, whose staff doesn’t mind going through all the troubles of transporting customer bikes. Ensure to drive them home later or offer them extra cash!

Ask for Help from A Friend With Motorcycle Licenses

One of our favorite options! Ask somebody to go with you when buying the motorbike. After that, let him ride the bike back home with you on the back seat (for bikes set up for 2 people); or you can follow him in a taxi or bus. (Confirm that the friend has proof of insurance first, in case of accidents). 

It would be even better if the friend is an expert in motorbike techniques; he can have a good look over your new bike, ensuring every compartment behaves like how they are supposed to. 

Get Trucks

Whether you own a truck at home or borrow it somewhere, that’s the easiest solution – especially with smaller, pocket bikes. Guarantee that there’s a great match between the truck’s bed and the bike; otherwise, you might need bigger truck options. 

Another factor to consider is the motorbike’s weight. A ramp is required to wheel the bike into your truck – even for small-sized bikes. In the cases of much heavier motorcycles, not only a ramp – but a second helping hand is necessary. 

Things To Note When Buying Motorbikes Without Motorcycle Endorsements or Licenses

Buy A Motorcycle

1. It’s impossible to ride a bike legally on public roads. We have mentioned this previously. Getting insurance is also challenging – though not entirely possible.

2. Registering and titling your bike might also be infeasible. Several regions do not allow motorcycle registrations and titles without valid licenses – which can be bothersome since your ownership is not recognized until the bike has an official title.

3. Test riding is also out of the question. Since riding this bike is illegal in the first place, you will, of course, be unable to test whether the bike runs well. Hence, be prepared that what you end up with might not be the dream motorbike you have been looking for!

Should I Buy A Motorcycle Before I Get My License or After That?

Though both options are alright, buying the bike after getting a valid motorcycle license clearly offers more benefits

Since you are a legal owner now, no transportation issues are at play, for one. Even better, motorcycle drivers can test ride the dirt bikes anytime they like, confirming whether it’s a good fit for them and their riding styles in the long run.

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Our experts have analyzed and explained whether buying a motorcycle without a license is possible. Though this act is not illegal, there are still certain rules and regulations you should bear in mind. Also, choosing the right timing plays an equally important part!

Once you get your hands on these precious new motorbikes, do not forget to register them and earn a motorcycle permit/license for lawful motor vehicle operation on the street. Otherwise, fines and punishments by authorities are on the way! 

Any other suggestion or comment is warmly welcomed. Feel free to contact us by DM or comment on this article. 

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