What Is A Scrambler Motorcycle? Scrambler Meaning

Most mainstream bike models are only tailored for regular highways and streets. Some off-road alternatives, on the other hand, can be too expensive for daily usage. How about turning to a nice balance of both worlds with a scrambler?

My article will dig deep into its definition and why you should move from your dirt bike to scrambler. Let’s get started!

What Is The Scrambler Definition

“Scramblers” (specialized dirt bikes) refer to versatile vehicles meant for off-road, uneven terrains, and racing. It’s thanks to unique feature specifications in their simple design, like ample ground clearance, high handlebars, lengthy suspension & larger tires. 

Scrambler motorcycle off-road machine, motorbike parked on a for

Also, you will be delighted to find tons of innovative upgrades/ adjustments on the scrambler compared to regular road bikes, which are:

  • Double rear shocks
  • Square-blocked tires that are affixed to the spoked wheels
  • Air-cooled torque engine (either twin or single cylinder)
  • High-mount exhaust pipe
  • Padded sets (with short mounts)
  • Small gauges and headlights
  • Updated clock layout: The clocks are closer to the handlebar (the bar itself is braced across its width and wider than average) and much smaller. 
  • Lesser fuel tank to reduce the bike’s overall weight

The best part is that these designs keep evolving through the years. In today’s markets, scramblers often combine the stripped-down, vintage style from old models with modern manufacturing versatility, resulting in a sleek model that excels in both practicality and aesthetics. 

As such, no one is surprised that scramblers surged higher in popularity and will likely stay at their peaks for years to come.

What Are The Benefits of Scramblers?

The scramblers travel smoothly across all terrains and offer super comfortable upright positions to save you from fatigue. As such, you can use the bikes for any purpose: from commuting on paved roads to racing on rough dirt roads.

1. Compatibility with Both Off- and On-Road Conditions

With a scrambler cycle, you no longer have to purchase both dirt bikes and street bikes for different terrains; the scrambler can handle all terrains just fine on its own.

The small, compact size is a huge bonus, allowing riders of all riding styles and body weights to transition from road to dirt or vice versa in a blink.

2. Comfortable Ride Positions

Multi-dimensional as it is, a scrambler does not include any complex dual-sport features that may compromise long-term comfort. In fact, it offers one of the best riding positions we have ever seen.

The wide and high handlebars serve as the major selling point, encouraging a broad-chested, confident posture that lends you full visibility when standing up. 

And no one would dare skim over the lower seat height, which gives the bike a more welcoming vibe and makes it a breeze for you to hover above it.

3. Fun Rides

Since the scramblers suit almost every riding condition, imagine tons of amazing things you could do with them.

Taking rides with close friends during weekends, running errands, desert racing, commuting to work, riding to the mountains and beaches, etc.; the possibilities are endless. 

Are Scramblers and Cafe Racer The Same?

No, these road machines are not the same. Scramblers are suited to both on-road and off-road usage due to more design upgrades. Cafe racers, at the end of the day, are still better off on paved roads.

Cafe Racer
Cafe Racer

1. Physical Appearance

As style bikes, cafe racers prioritize sleek, dynamic looks above off-road performances. Their features include:

  • Single-seat designs
  • Stylish fuel tanks with concave depressions
  • Clip-on, low-slung handlebar
  • Sporty aesthetics 

Meanwhile, scramblers put a major focus on practical lightweightness and smooth trips on rugged terrains. They incorporate:

  • Compact fuel tanks
  • Wide handlebars
  • Long suspension
  • Rugged, adventurous look

2. Height and Exhaust

On a cafe racer, the exhaust is placed pretty low to highlight the bike’s streamlined appearance. However, ground clearance is sacrificed as a result; you might find it extremely difficult to ride cafe racers on unpaved roads or off-road terrains.

Meanwhile, scramblers enjoy a higher mounting position for the exhaust, which ensures 100% obstacle and surface clearance during any excursion. 

As such, riders can enjoy much more versatile bike control, tackling all road surfaces and conditions without any hassles.

3. Riding Comfort and Position

The cafe racer has received rave feedback for its aggressive, sporty riding position; with low handlebars and elegant tanks, riders can lean forward better for better responsiveness and agility.

Such poses may grow uncomfortable on long rides, though. It would be great to use cafe racers only in spirited city street rides of shorter distances.

Meanwhile, scramblers win the round again thanks to the tall, wide handlebars and upright seats. Less strain is put on the upper body part, resulting in a more comfortable and relaxed riding experience. You can totally jump onto a scrambler for long off-road journeys. 

What Are The Best Scramblers To Buy?

There is a wide range of options, but best-sellers from Royal Enfield, Moto Guzzi, Fantic, and BMW are the crowd’s favorites, satisfying in both performances and design choices.

  • Royal Enfield 411 Scram: Despite the slightly spongy brakes, Royal Enfield compensates with a super-friendly price and trendy visuals; a great entry budget scrambler for beginners! 
  • Moto Guzzi TT V85: Fans of retro bikes that combine versatile capabilities, modern mechanicals, and heritage styling will fall in love with it at first sight.
  • Fantic 500 Caballero: This single-cylinder bike impresses with an intriguing mix of nostalgic Chinese design elements and powerful European performances.
  • BMW RnineT: Another cool heritage-style option for those who look for modern mechanicals without breaking the bank.
BMW RnineT

Can You Build A Scrambler Model On Your Own?

Yes, you can, guaranteed average expertise, of course. Remember that the trademark features of a scrambler are knobby tires, wide handlebars, high fenders, small seats, and high-mount exhausts. 

Make sure all your prepared elements fit these criteria before you proceed with the project.


Scramblers are the smartest investments if you engage in both on-road and off-road riding conditions on a frequent basis. 

To buy market models from motorcycle companies or build a scrambler on your own for better customization, all is up to you; write to me if you get stuck with any step.

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