2023 Yamaha MT-03 Specs, Price, Top Speed & Reviews

As 2023 rolls around, Yamaha has announced some exciting news for motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. The highly anticipated MT-03 from Yamaha is set to make its debut, and it promises to be a game-changer in the world of sports bikes.

The diminutive MT-03 is a naked sport bike designed for riders who crave the perfect combination of excellent power delivery, agility, and powerful design. With its lightweight diamond frame, aggressive naked styling, and powerful engine, it will surely make you stand out.

Yamaha MT-03 exterior 2

The MT-03’s body design frame is made of high-strength steel, which makes it both strong and agile. This allows the bike to handle tight corners and sudden stops with ease, making it a great choice for riders who want to take their bike on the track.

One of the most impressive things about the MT-03 is its advanced technology. This bike comes equipped with a full-color LCD instrumentation that provides all the information you need while riding, including speed, RPM, gear position, fuel level, and more. The bike also features LED headlights and taillights, providing excellent visibility and safety on the road.

Yamaha MT-03 exterior 3

Moving on to the part you are waiting for, the sales price. At $4,999 on Yamaha website, the new MT-03 ABS model is priced similarly to the current 2022 model. This makes it a highly competitive option in its class, offering riders an affordable option for a high-performance aggressive motorcycle.

2023 Yamaha MT-03 Key Specs

  • Make: Yamaha
  • Model Year: 2023
  • Type: Hyper naked
  • Color: Black, Silver
  • MSRP Price: $4,999
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)
  • Engine: 321cc
  • Power: 41.4 HP
  • Mileage: 56 mpg (23.81 km/l)
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.7 gal. (14.01 l)
  • Seat Height: 30.7 in. (779.78 mm)
  • Wet Weight: 373 lb. (169.19 kg)

2023 Yamaha MT-03 Specifications


Engine Type321cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke; 4 valves
Power41.4 horsepower
Torque24 lb-ft (32.5 Nm)
Bore x Stroke68.0mm × 44.1mm
Compression Ratio11.2:1
Fuel DeliveryFuel injection
TransmissionConstant mesh 6-speed; wet multiplate clutch
Final DriveChain
Fuel Capacity3.7 gal
Yamaha MT-03 engine 2


Suspension/Front37mm KYB® inverted fork; 5.1-in travel
Suspension/RearSingle shock; 7-step preload adjustable, 4.9-in travel
Brakes/FrontHydraulic single disc brake, 298mm; ABS
Brakes/RearHydraulic single disc brake, 220mm; ABS


LxWxH82.3 in x 29.7 in x 42.1 in. (2090.42 mm x 754.38 mm x 1069.34 mm)
Seat Height30.7 in. (779.78 mm)
Wheelbase54.3 in. (1379.22 mm)
Rake (Caster Angle)25°
Trail3.7 in. (93.98 mm)
Max. Ground Clearance6.3 in. (160.02 mm)
Fuel Capacity3.7 gal. (14.01 l)
Fuel Economy56 mpg (23.81 km/l)
Wet Weight373 lb. (169.19 kg)


ModelPriceEngineTop Speed
2023 BMW G 310 R$5,049313cc88.9 mph
2023 Honda CB300R$4,899286cc97.85 mph
2023 Kawasaki Z400$5,399399cc105 mph

2023 Yamaha MT-03 Features

Additional Features

Digital LCD Instrumentation

To match the MT-03 Hyper Naked’s radical looks, Yamaha has fitted a stylish LCD meter that provides easy-to-absorb information.

Dynamic Mass Forward Design

Yamaha’s Hyper Naked bikes are instantly recognizable thanks to their aggressive and powerful design. A sculpted fuel tank cover is designed to fit snugly with the rider while the lightweight air scoops enhance the look and feel of the mass-forward body design and highlight the dynamic MT family look.

Ergonomic Riding Position

With its compact body and low 30.7-inch seat height, the MT-03 is a joy to ride whether you’re escaping traffic or having a blast out on the open road. Behind the aggressive bodywork, a specially sculpted knee area and fuel tank cover work with the high-mounted handlebars to provide an agile and ergonomic riding position.

Stylish LED Turn Signals

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) elements are used for both the front and rear turn signals. Not only do LEDs offer long life with minimal power draw, they provide brilliant illumination for confidence and visibility, during the day or night. The MT-03’s dynamic appearance is reinforced by the LED signals that perfectly complement the bike’s aggressive looks.


Inverted KYB® Front Fork

The MT-03 features an inverted KYB® fork with optimized spring and damping settings, delivering more solid handling when compared to motorcycles using conventional front forks.

Lightweight Diamond Frame

The compact diamond-type tubular frame’s combination of low weight and immense strength gives you neutral handling and easy maneuverability in traffic. With its inverted front fork and rear shock with complementing settings, the MT-03 is ready to carve through the twisties and get your adrenaline flowing!

Long Swingarm

The MT-03 is equipped with a 22.6-inch long asymmetrical swingarm that provides a planted ride during braking, cornering and acceleration.

Monocross Rear Shock

The seven-step preload adjustable single-shock design is tuned to strike a balance between ride comfort and sporty performance with capability across a wide range of uses, from urban commuting to extended rides into the twisty canyons.

Potent Braking with Standard ABS

The 298mm floating-mount front disc brake ensures excellent stopping power, supported by a 220mm rear disc. The MT-03 ABS model also features an anti-lock braking system to boost rider confidence and prevent wheel lock-ups in reduced-traction conditions.


Advanced Cylinder Construction

Yamaha’s unique DiASil—a high-silicon aluminum alloy—is used in the cylinders to ensure excellent heat dissipation. An innovative offset cylinder design helps reduce friction and provides better efficiency, quicker response and great overall engine performance.

Compact Exhaust System

The short muffler design features modern styling and helps to centralize mass, improving agility for ultra-responsive handling.

Modern Fuel Injection

Downdraft induction fuel injection system provides easy starting, excellent fuel economy, and responsive performance in all conditions.

Potent Twin-Cylinder Powerplant

Yamaha’s 321cc liquid-cooled, inline two-cylinder engine delivers excellent power and performance throughout the rpm range. With a 180-degree crank design and integrated counterbalancer, the layout minimizes vibrations for a smooth, refined engine character.

Six-Speed Transmission

A smooth-shifting six-speed gearbox ensures the rider always has the right ratio, whether riding through tight city streets or on the open highway.

Smooth & Useable Power

With double overhead cams (DOHC) and four-valve cylinder heads, the MT-03 engine provides easy-to-manage power at low rpms with strong rpm power—ultimately delivering an exciting ride with a broad spread of power.

Strong & Lightweight Forged Pistons

Forged aluminum pistons—the same technology in the MT-10—contributes to reduced power loss and lower vibration levels. This design results in minimized vibrations and smooth running, even at high rpm.

Top Features

37mm KYB® Inverted Front Fork

The MT-03’s serious big-bike specification is underlined with the addition of an inverted KYB® front fork. Equipped with 37mm tubes and a cast aluminum upper triple clamp, the front end reinforces the bike’s high-specification and delivers a confident and smooth ride during braking, acceleration and cornering.

Aggressive Next-Gen MT Design

There’s absolutely no mistaking that the MT-03 is a member of Yamaha’s legendary Hyper Naked family. With its aggressive front light assembly as well as bold air scoops and a sculpted fuel tank, the MT-03 gives you the chance to become a true Master of Torque and experience the most dynamic ride in the class.

Dual Position Lights with Singular LED Headlight

The dynamic MT-03 looks cool with its dual angled position lights that emphasize its aggressive big-bike looks. A single compact and powerful LED headlight burns a hole through the darkness to light up the road ahead.

Smooth & Easy To Ride Power Delivery

This 321cc liquid-cooled two-cylinder engine features lightweight forged pistons and carburized connecting rods, delivering easy to manage power in the low rpm range with strong high rpm power. The extremely light clutch feeling makes the MT-03 even more fun in the city, while its offset cylinders and advanced fuel injection system ensures smooth throttle response.

Performance And Handling

Let’s discuss the bike’s responsive performance and handling capabilities and how they contribute to an exciting and dynamic riding experience.

2023 Yamaha MT-03 Top Speed

The 2023 Yamaha MT-03 has a top speed of around 108 mph, which is quite impressive for a bike of its class. It is operated by a 321cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine that delivers 41.4 horsepower and 24 pound-feet of torque.

Yamaha MT-03 top speed

This twin-cylinder engine is paired with a six-speed transmission that allows the rider to shift smoothly through the gears, making it easy to find the perfect gear and quicker response for any riding situation. Plus, the transmission is also designed to deliver max power efficiently, ensuring that the rider always has the easy-to-manage power when needed.

Braking Performance

The potent braking system on the 2023 Yamaha MT-03 is designed to be responsive, precise, and powerful. This system consists of a hydraulic disc brake system with a dual-channel ABS that helps to prevent wheel lock-up and skidding in emergency braking situations. Thanks to this key safety feature, it helps to keep riders safe in unpredictable riding conditions.

The front brake system on the MT-03 features a single 298mm floating-mount front disc with a two-piston caliper, while the rear brake system has a single 220mm rear disc with a single-piston caliper. The brake system is controlled by a hydraulic system that produces reliable and consistent stopping power, even in the most demanding riding situations.

Cornering And Handling Characteristics

The MT-03 is built on a lightweight, rigid diamond-type steel frame that provides excellent stability and balance. Also, with a compact and responsive suspension system, delivering a comfortable and smooth ride, even on rough or uneven terrain, has become an easy task with this bike. This combination of additional features gives bikers exceptional control and handling, making the MT-03 a joy to ride in any situation.

Furthermore, the MT-03 also comes with a wide range of advanced features that enhance its cornering and handling characteristics, including a slipper clutch, which helps to prevent wheel hop and locking during aggressive downshifting. It also has a quick shifter, enabling lightning-fast gear changes without the need for light clutch feeling and engagement.

2023 MT-03: A Brief Review

One of the standout traits of the MT-03 engine is its advanced fuel injection system. This system ensures that the sophisticated engine receives the perfect amount of fuel at all times, resulting in optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency. The fuel injection system is also designed to reduce emissions, making the MT-03 an eco-friendly choice for riders who are conscious of their environmental impact.

Another standout feature of the MT-03, according to users, is its comfortable and agile riding position. The bike is designed to be ergonomic (lightweight with low seat height), with a comfortable riding position that allows users to easily travel for urban commuting or long distances without experiencing any discomfort. Users report that the seat is also comfortable, even on extended rides.

Yamaha MT-03 driving 5

Besides, this beginner motorcycle brings a generous 3.7-gallon fuel tank cover, which is similar to other naked bikes in its class. While this may not be the largest fuel capacity, it is certainly enough to offer bikers a decent range, especially given the motorcycle’s excellent fuel economy. According to Yamaha, the MT-03 is capable of achieving a fuel consumption rate of around 56 miles per gallon under ideal conditions.

Still, the bike is far from perfect. The MT-03 is designed to be a lightweight and compact body bike with a focus on performance and agility. As such, it does not have the same level of wind protection as some larger touring bikes. Some riders have reported that the MT-03’s wind protection is less than ideal, especially at higher speeds.

However, it is important to note that the MT-03 is not designed to be a touring bike, and its wind protection is appropriate for the riding it is intended for. While users may experience some wind resistance when riding at higher speeds, this is to be expected with a bike of this size and style design.

2023 Yamaha MT-03 Photos & Videos


Yamaha MT-03 action
Yamaha MT-03 drive
Yamaha MT-03 lifestyle
Yamaha MT-03 exterior 1
Yamaha MT-03 exterior
Yamaha MT-03 head light
Yamaha MT-03 engine


Yamaha MT 03 2023 | Walkaround | Specifications | Motorbike Expo 2023
YAMAHA MT-03 2023

*Disclaimer: The prices mentioned in this article may vary depending on the dealership and location. Additionally, the specifications mentioned, such as horsepower and top speed, may vary from different sources as they are often tested under different conditions.

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