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Despite the popularity of motorcycles, there are still those who struggle to keep balance on these vehicles – and the elderly, who want something safer and more stable to ride on!

In such cases, we are glad to tell you that 3-wheelers are designed for customers like you! And here comes an important question: how much does a three-wheel motorcycle cost? Keep scrolling for the answer.

How Much Is A 3-Wheel Motorcycle?

Like typical motorcycles, price ranges for trikes are quite wide: $6,000 to $50,000; it’s hard to narrow the pricing points to a single (or even just estimated) number.

Still, for those going with scooter-style and small trikes, you will spend very little money, often below $6000. But for motorcycle-style cruiser options, prepare to spend much more – from more than $6000 to a whopping $50,000. The more famous the brand is, the more it will demand from you. 

Common labels like Can-Am or Harley, for instance, range from $15,000 to $30,000. Want to have a look at other brands as well? Tune in to the below section for a more inclusive overview.

1. Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson Three-Wheeled
TypeEnginePrice (USD)
Harley-Davidson FreewheelerMilwaukee-Eight1868cc28,499
Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Single WheelTrikMilwaukee-EightTwin-Cooled1868cc35,699
Harley-Davidson Tri Glide UltraMilwaukee-EightTwin-Cooled1868cc38,099
Harley-Davidson CVO Tri-GlideMilwaukee-EightTwin-Cooled1917cc49,999

2. CAN-AM Reverse

CAN-AM Reverse 3 wheels
TypeEnginePrice in USD
Can-Am Ryker Reverse 600cc-800cc8,999
Ryker Sports Reverse 900cc11,899
Rally Reverse Gear900cc13,899
Can-Am Spyder F31330cc18,499
Spyder F3-S Reverse Special Series1330cc20,999
Spyder F3-T Reverse1330cc22,799
Spyder F3 Reverse Limited1330cc25,999
Spyder Limited F3 Reverse Special Series1330cc28,499
Can-Am Spyder RT Reverse1330cc24,699
Spyder Limited RT Reverse Trike1330cc28,499
Spyder Sea-to-sky RT1330cc30,999

3. Boss Hoss

Boss Hoss 3 wheel
ModelSpecsPrice in USD
SS Truck LS-445 Engine/6200cc60,000
Coupe TrikeLS-445 Engine/6200cc60,000
Willy’s TrikeLS-445 Engine/6200cc60,000
Sierra TrikeLS-445 Engine/6200cc60,000
Gangsta TrikeLS-445 Engine/6200cc60,000
Chevy 57LS-445 Engine/6200cc60,000
2019 454 Block Coupe LS 445 Engine: 6200cc, 6300cc, 7439cc60,500
383 Stroker CoupeLS-445 Engine/6200cc60,500
383 Gangsta Stroker LS-445 Engine/6300cc60,500
Pearl White Mini Truck 383 LS-445 Engine/6200cc60,500
Gangsta 2021LS-445 Engine/6200cc, 6300cc, 7439cc61,000
Candy Red Mini Truck 445LS-445 Engine/6200cc61,000

Converting Traditional Motorcycles Into Trikes: Which Is Cheaper?

Overall, converting a motorcycle is more cost-effective at the end of the day – while still delivering great performance, good traction control, impressive motorcycle safety features, and sufficient storage space. But remember that some more effort and elbow grease are required!

Turning the motorcycle into trikes often charge up to $20,000 (though cheaper kits will reduce that number to only $5,000). Other services (such as custom paints) will add an extra $2,000 to the total estimation. 

The installation and paint for the base actually take about ten days. What’s time-consuming is not the triking procedure itself – but rather the time you have to wait for the kit to arrive. Some people even have to wait half a year just to receive it! 


1. What Is The Cheapest 3-Wheel Motorcycle?

New Oem and other low-end brands take the title here. Some of its 3-wheel vehicles only cost $260! 

2. What Are The Best Brands for 3-Wheel Motor Vehicles? 

Aside from some brands already listed, here are other choices:

  • Campagna RR
  • Polaris Slingshot
  • Ural/Russian With Love
  • Aptera EV Solar
  • Yamaha Nikens
  • Elio Motors
  • Peugeot Allure Metropolis

3. How Fast Does a 3-Wheel Motorcycle Go?

You can expect it to rev up to 120 mph, but some might reach 130 mph. The speed increases with the engine size.

See Also:

4. Why Do People Buy 3-Wheel Motorcycles?

So many that we can list:

  • It is meant for all ages and all walk of life
  • More spacious and more comfortable
  • Much more stability because you don’t need to handle its weight, allowing for easier controlling and cornering.
  • Long trips are not a problem, as it manages to comfort you all the time.


Our detailed guidelines have explored the price of three wheel motorcycle in detail. 

And like two-wheel motorcycles, there is also a list of factors that you should keep an eye on to pick the best model for future usage. Keep them in mind to avoid misspending your hard-earned money on substandard choices.

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