Pagan’s Motorcycle Club – All About Biker Gang Pagans

Regular motorcycle clubs have spawned everywhere due to these vehicles’ increasing popularity and accessibility. Nevertheless, Pagans MC is another different story altogether, evoking both fear and curiosity from regular bike enthusiasts! 

What is so special about its rules? Is there any difference between Pagans MC of varied regions (like Virginia vs Maryland, for instance)? How about their member lists?

This article will address all these questions, giving a clear and inclusive overview of how Pagans organize and set up regulations for their motorbike communities. Other lesser-known secrets are also revealed! 

What Is Pagan’s Motorcycle Club?


Pagan MCs (or just The Pagans) are motorbike clubs established in 1957 by Lou Dobkins in the U.S., Maryland, Prince George’s County. As the Pagans enjoyed rapid expansion shortly after, they started to develop stripes of stereotype one percenter biker clubs. 

The members’ defining trademark features back then were their blue jackets and Triumphs motorbikes – which still last to this day.

Law enforcement officials from the ATF (Bureaus of Alcohols, Tobacco, and Firearms/Explosives) categorize the Pagans as outlaw motorcycle gangs, since they are notorious for fighting against other motorbike communities, especially HAMC (Hells Angel Motorbike Club).

Currently, the Pagans motorcycle club branches are active in the following regions in the United States: 

  • Nevada, California, Florida
  • Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky
  • New York, New Jersey, Ohio
  • North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oregon
  • South Carolina, Tennessee, Massachusetts
  • Virginia, West Virginia, Rhode Island
  • Puerto Rico, Washington State

Interesting Facts & Rules Of Pagan’s Motorcycle Clubs You Might Not Know

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1. They Call Their Weekly Meetings “Church.”

Like how devouts always remember to participate in weekly mass to protect their souls, weekly meetings at every Pagan MC are considered a compulsory part of all memberships – and some even call them “church”! 

In these meetings, everyone wears NUNYA patches (short for NUN of YA Freaking Business), showing the world how they listen to no one else but their street gang. 

2. Their First President’s Salary Was Comparable to The U.S. Presidents

Pagans are always ruled by an official ruling council/mother club with structured governing regulations and presidents. 

The very first president in their history was John Marron, whose salary reached $100,000 per year as a clear illustration of the club’s class and luxury. 

3. They Do Not Have Much Respect for Women

Not-so-great news for ambitious women who wish to join these gangs! Like most outlaw motorcycle clubs, female members do not have any major status among their peers – a “custom” that has been handed down for generations. 

Depending on the rules of each club, women are referred to as either pets or properties. When reasoning for their condescending attitude towards women, men often explain that these women are responsible for this lifestyle in the first place and hence, have no rights to complain!

Male Pagans often force women to wear patches with the phrase “property of + a partner name.” (ex: Property of James Dean). If that’s something you cannot bear, Pagan clubs are clearly not for you. 

4. Rumors Have It That Anyone Switching to HAMC Will Get Murdered

In motorbike culture, changing your club from one to another (especially if it is a rival gang) signals blatant disrespect. Pagans are rumored to take that culture very seriously, involved in numerous shootings and killings of any ex-member who quit to join Hells Angels MC. 

In 2005, a new Hells Angels biker (who had just joined the gang a few days ago) was murdered mysteriously. Although many speculations all pointed to Pagans, this malicious assault is still unsolved to this day. 

5. Not Every Pagan Wants to Be A Bad Guy Forever

Wayne Bradshaw – who used to be nicknamed “Big Chuck”, was a famous Pagan that shared a long history of illicit activities with these clubs. Nevertheless, after deciding to quit and giving up his patches, Wayne signed up to be an undercover officer. And 20 years later, he was promoted to a police veteran! 

There are many other cases similar to Wayne, proving that not all Pagans are bound to violent crimes and criminal activities forever. 


1. Why Are Hell Angels and Pagans Sworn Enemies?

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact reason. All we know is that this bloodshed started shortly after WW2 when war-affected outlaw bikers joined both clubs.

2. What Will Happen If You Quit Pagan MCs? 

You must remove your tattoos, pay exit fees (about $2000), and forfeit your motorbike ownership. In worse cases, the president might ask you to leave the town!

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Despite ongoing controversies and rumored scandals, Pagan motorcycle clubs remain an interesting aspect of global motorcycle culture, becoming the center of numerous debates and discussions even to this day. 

We are not surprised if some rebellious souls out there wish to join these organizations, but be prepared that your required responsibilities and commitments will far exceed those of regular MCs!

For more questions and clarifications, you know the usual. Please write to us via direct messages or in the comment section.

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