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It must be a passive protection against the wind, stones or insects but in case of fall, it must also protect your face. It is also an active protection by ensuring an optimal fog-free vision. Lazer offers a very large range of high-performance visors, in terms of road or race visors, clear or tinted visors, for sunny or rainy weather, in summer or in winter. The external look is also important as you can match the colour of the decal of your helmet with a tinted or coloured visor.


Lumino Widerace Wideclear
Photochromic visor 90% – 20% light transmission (= tinted 80%) visor

The WideRace visor is a complete racing visor with unique features for competition at the highest level.


The WideClear visor is meant to provide you the best anti-fog solution combined with a totally uncluttered vision.