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Clean the outside and inside of your helmet regularly.
Use a soft cloth and warm or slightly soapy water.
The inner pads are removable to make them easy to clean. Again, only use warm or slightly soapy water.
Hand wash and drip dry.
To clean the visor, dip it in lukewarm soapy water. Wipe it in a lint free cloth from the top to the bottom avoiding any circular motion.
After correctly cleaning the vents and the visor, we advise you to lubricate them from time to time with white or silicone grease to extend their durability.



After washing your helmet, store it inside a bag, in a dry temperate place. Avoid prolonged storage in a very illuminate place.



As time goes by, some wearing marks can appear on safety elements of your helmet, such as: wearing or fraying of the chinstrap, malfunction of the buckle, cracking or crumbling of the inner liner, cracking of the shell, … In this case, contact your dealer to check or replace your helmet.



Use distilled water to clean dirty leather so that there are no visible marks between the seams after drying.
If the dirt is already dry, just wipe it up with a flat rounded object.
Wipe the dust up with a soft dry clean flannel cloth, at least once a week.

To improve the look and the quality of the leather, use Beeswax leather balsam. Only this specific balsam must be used to clean the leather, otherwise the manufacturer will not replace the piece under warranty. This balsam can also be used to protect the leather against water, oil, alcohol, everyday pollution and to improve the look and the feel of the leather.

The balsam must be applied on the leather once a year. Apply it and rub it gently on the leather surface. Let the balsam penetrate the leather and after a few hours, polish the leather with a dry cotton cloth. Let the leather dry completely before next use.

To avoid irreparable damage of textiles, leather and covering linings, never use agents containing benzine, trichloroethylene and/or solvents, petroleum and other aggressive substances to clean the leather coverings.
Never use aggressive means or methods for local or global cleaning, nor sharp objects, brushes, sandpaper or other accessories or tools which could damage your helmet.