Monaco Evo

The Ultimate Flip-up Helmet

We made the Monaco light.
We made it incredibly capable.
And now, we made it even better.


With developments like the WideClear Lumino photochromic screen, fluent open mechanism and a roomier chin guard, there's even more to love about the Monaco Evo when you ride your bike.

1.350 g of pure comfort

The Monaco Evo simply holds the record for lightness, tipping the scales with just around 1.350 g in its carbon version and around 1.500 g in glass fibre, even in size XL !

Its featherweight positions it as the reference for unparalleled comfort in the flip-up category.

Addictive magical transitional shading

The photochromic technology of the Lazer Lumino Transitionsā„¢ adaptive screen reacts continuously to the ambient UV-rays. It automatically adjusts from clear at night and in low-light conditions, to dark grey in bright light for a safer, more enjoyable ride with permanently rested eyes.

The Lumino screen gives your eyes continuous relief from the straining effect of light, be it bright sunshine or white skies. So it's perfect for day and night riding on road or racetrack and eliminates the need to carry two visors or sunglasses.

Extremely wide field of vision

When you're looking trough the WideClear screen, there's nothing to distract you. That's because it's designed to offer you the largest field of vision on the market.

Your riding experience is enhanced by having a huge, immersive space to see through; you can easily see your dashboard.

It's a breeze to open

We spent much time perfecting a brand new opening mechanism for the chin guard, so it's simple, elegant and secure without compromising on intuitiveness.

We designed it to be fast to open and close;
lifting it is a fluent movement upwards, so you operate the flip-up effortlessly whenever you need to cover or uncover your face.

Stay cool

When the asphalt heats-up and the sun is pitched high in the sky, it's important to keep your head cool. We integrated three-point ventilation in the chin guard and developed a Vent Lock to let fresh air flow over your face.

The total system with a top ventilation, side and rear ventilations ensures the Venturi-effect continuously draws hot and damp air out of the helmet.

Screen ratchet precision

The new bi-directional screen ratchet mechanism allows precise positioning; its springs pull the screen tightly against the sealing, protecting your clear sight from rain infiltration.

Moreover, the Race Lock secures the screen to the helmet and reduces the risk of it opening when hit.

Instantly broken-in feel

Designed from the inside out, the Monaco Evo features the most anatomically shaped EPS and shell to ensure unparalleled fit and performance.

Slimmer cheek pads and anatomical 3D shaping make for an easy and durably comfortable fit. The very light weight give it an instantly broken-in feel.

A self-retracting screen

It's important that you can handle your helmet with a minimum of movements.

We made the screen self-retracting when you push-up your chin guard. Another help to stay focussed on your ride.

Monaco's chin room

For your comfort and protection, we have added a full 2 cm chin-room.
This increases the crumple zone and makes it easier for air to circulate.

Non-lock chin guard shock absorption

The chin guard features a shock absorbing zone to help safely dislodge it to the back of the shell when hit in its open position, to attenuate the effects of a sudden impact on your neck.

Speaker ready

The Monaco Evo is speaker-ready and even has a cavity in the neck for a transmitter box.

Two side extrusions for easy speaker installation custom fit the structure so that you can plug your favourite Bluetooth system to keep the tunes going, conduct mobile calls and receive navigation instructions while you ride.

Removable chin curtain

An ideal layer for autumn rides in crisp conditions, this new removable chin curtain offers ultra light, highly versatile insulation to keep cold air out and keep you warm.

A perfect add-on when you need additional weather protection but breathability is paramount.

The reflective surfaces allows you to be seen by frontal traffic when riding with your chin guard up.

3 point chin guard fixation

Steel reinforced materials lend the 3 point chin guard fixing stability, and the strength to absorb a lot of strain, whilst staying very light.

Once in position, the chin guard and shell lock together; securely engaged in their groove.

This is a high performance 3 point chin guard locking system for riders who demand the best protection.

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Technical specifications

Modular - Flip-up


Pure carbon 1350 g. (size XL)
Pure glass 1500 g. (size XL)


Shell Structure
Pure Carbon / Pure Glass EPS
EPS-Optimized upper insert protection
Quadruple density internal shell

Double Homologation (Full-face and Jet)
ECE 22.05


Visor Fixation
Roto-translation mechanism
Race lock

Number of Reflective Zones

Rear Reflector

Air Nets Full Air System (FAS)
3 positions / 2 directions chin ventilation Maximized top vent air flow with diffuser
Side and rear exhausts
Visor vent lock

Wideclear screen Lumino visor (Photochromic) PinlockĀ® provided

100% removable and washable
Morpho System Plus
SILVERPLUSĀ®, antimicrobial and ecological textile.

Acoustic collar for noise reduction
Flexible nose deflector
Flexible removable chin curtain
One hand easy opening
Removable noise reduction pads

Aftermarket communication systems
Speaker ready
Transmitter box cavity

Specific helmet bag


5 years (2 years + 3 years if registered)