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23 July 2015 - Helmets

Osprey Carbon Hypersport II Brno Circuit 50th MotoGP Anniversary

Lazer Heroine Any Svobodová presents the Osprey Carbon Hypersport II Brno Circuit 50th MotoGP Anniversary. For collectors. 50 pcs individually numbered Limited Edition. For info: Pavel +420.603.436.261


26 December 2012 - Helmets

Lazer Monaco helmet video

We are happy to present you our new video on the LAZER MONACO, you can watch it here:


27 April 2012 - Helmets

The Monaco in the press

The new Lazer Monaco is one of the lightest helmets of any type we’ve reviewed. But it’s more than a lightweight helmet; it has some unique features designed for safety and utility and it also has probably the best ventilation of any flip-up and may be equal to some of the best full-face helmets also. The price is actually very reasonable, considering the technology, features and warranty. It’s early in the year, but it will be tough to beat the Lazer Monaco in 2012!


At €489 in the carbon version (or €349 in glass fibre in the version Pure Glass), Lazer’s Monaco PureGlass clearly marks Lazer’s return to the segment of flip-up helmets capable of being ridden for many kilometers in great comfort.

If its weight is its greatest quality, the Lumino screen and the comfort of the padding will seduce many bikers who are looking for a (very) light helmet for daily use.



Lazer Monaco flip-up, £324.95 Miles covered/time: 800/two months

Made from carbon-fibre, this helmet feels incredibly light. Lazer claim 1350g, which makes it substantially lighter than the 1500g Shoei Qwest I normally favour.

The flip-up mechanism is easy to use; just press a button on the underside of the chinbar and up she goes – which saves taking my helmet off at petrol stations and the like.

The Monaco is very comfortable, too. But better than all that is the photochromatic visor which changes tint depending on the light conditions and saves you from switching from clear to tinted (especially useful this time of year when you can ride to work in the morning straight into squint-inducing low-angle sun and then it’s dark when you head home). The tint changes fairly quickly, I had no problem tackling the Dartford Tunnel.

Rating: 4/5



The helmet is surprisingly light which makes a real difference on longer rides.

The ventilation system is innovative with its side-ventilations: these ensure a continuous fresh airflow while driving. No other helmet has this.

The Lumino visor is fantastic. It ensures continuous eye-relief, you hardly notice it. Also, because it is automatic, you don’t have to fumble with an internal sun visor nob while riding. The standard Pinlock anti-fog visor and the great aerodynamics make the general comfort unbeatable.

We are two test-riders who compared notes after extensively riding with the Monaco and fell in complete agreement: this is a great helmet and a lot of value for the money!




29 March 2012 - Helmets

“Test Me” campaign for the Monaco in Belgium

Due to the great success of the Monaco, the lightest Modular helmet on the market (equipped with the photochromic Lumino visor), Lazer has just launched a “Test Me” campaign in order to give interested bikers the opportunity to test this helmet in 17 test centers installed in Motorcycle stores everywhere in Belgium.

It is based on a very simple mecanism : in exchange of a deposit (generally an ID document) the driver is lended a Lazer Monaco helmet so that he can try it on the road and on his own motorcycle.

A nice initiative for a top-range helmet about which we have already heard so much since its release on the market.

Here are the stores taking part in the “Test Me” campaign for the Monaco, valid until the end of August, 2012.


Koob (Braine-L’alleud)
Rudelo (Jambes)
Moto House (Jezus-eik)
Degand (Lessines)
Golden Bikes (Rebecq)
Moto Expert (Waterloo)
Baele (Woluwe-Saint-Lambert)


Joma (Aartselaar)
Active Pits (Mechelen)
Inghelbrecht (Oostende)
Hofman (Schoonaarde)
Vanzeebroeck (Sint-Pieters-Leeuw)
Motorweelde (Weelde)
Moto’s Tom Serneels (Westerlo)
Lammens (Wetteren)
Motorsport Verburgh (Zelzate)
Erckens (Zonhoven)


02 December 2011 - Helmets

Lazer Kite Helmet Microsite – Fearless Radical Design

We are happy to present the new microsite dedicated to the Kite, the fullface helmet with fascinating geometric lines.
All details will be displayed on videos and pictures, make sure you don’t miss it !

Acccess the microsite now : http://www.lazerhelmets.com/promo/kite/en.html

Enjoy the ride!

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